Going dark

Iskantara Intuitive is going dark for a time while I pursue other projects.

The oracle section will continue, and the archives remain up.

I do still give readings occasionally, as time permits — if you are interested, please contact me directly by email (contact [at] iskantara.com).

In the meantime, the best way to get answers is this:

If you are in a place where you can find nature, go to it. If you cannot access nature, go to a place that makes you feel a little quiet, a little wondering.

And listen.

Listen with the breath, the heart, the bones, the soles of the feet. Listen with the hands and the outstretched fingers, listen with the space behind the mind. Listen with the follicles of the hair, the pores of the skin, the thoughts that intrude and the space between the thoughts. Listen with the nails, and the lines of the hands, and the kneecaps, and the earlobes, and the chin. Listen with the navel and all the inner parts of the flesh, too. Listen with the tongue, and the teeth, and the nostrils, and the eyelashes. Listen with all the thoughts that want to come forward, all the dreams left behind or uncollected, all the marks of grief or time that confront one every day. Listen with all there is: frustrations and hopes and desires and fears and understandings and uncertainties and everything in between.

And when you have done that, listen to a level deeper.

Beneath the mind, beneath the fragments of the mind’s sight that we express and underline daily, there is a knowledge greater than anything that can be imagined or understood.

It is not good or bad, it has no agenda; it is simply there. And it is accessible. With time, and fortitude, and patience, and skill, and the discipline to dip in again, and again, and again, you will reach it and uncover what there is to learn. I promise you.

And when you have done all this, listen deeper still, and teach your life what you find.

Thanks, everyone — it has been a wonderful journey.