Iskantara Intuitive was founded to help spiritual seekers gain and develop skills for inner guidance, healing and wisdom.


The name is derived from various indo-european roots and “means” many different things. It was created to describe a particular role, set of duties, and path of mastery. One loose interpretation of the word is: “spirit-singer.”

About Isabella

Isabella is a professional intuitive, clairaudient, and founder of Iskantara Intuitive. Over the past few years, she has helped many people get in touch with their inner wisdom and spirit guides, learn who they are at soul level, and understand their soul purpose. Isabella is a graduate of Anna Sayce’s Professional Intuitive Training and Certification course, and Slade Roberson’s Automatic Intuition®, as well as a published poet and musician.

More about our approach

We believe in holistic spirituality—insight, advice, and guidance that you can take real action on, in all areas of your life, if you choose. We enjoy the mystical and mysterious aspects of our world, but also the practical. At Iskantara, the physical elements of our existence here on Earth are every bit as sacred as the emotional, energetic, and intellectual. Therefore we strive to make sure that the insight you receive will be as down-to-earth and pragmatic as possible.

Doing spiritual and energetic work in this way can bring in deep changes, sometimes unexpected ones.

We’re passionate about helping people see the gifts of their souls, helping them put it all together and integrate these qualities into their lives where they are now.

Discovering the materials of which we are made and becoming fully present in ourselves is a sacred task that can affect all parts of our lives.

I try my best to help you see your unique soul gifts and work out problems in your own way, not dependent on anyone else’s method or subject to anyone else’s ways of being. My work involves empowering others, not making them dependent on a system or on any other person. You are a perfect, whole, complete being just as you are and my mission is to help you to better understand yourself on the soul level and to help you gain the tools to fly on your own wings.

We are all intuitive beings. Nobody is “more special” than anyone else, and there’s no right way of doing things. My aim is to support you on your path without getting in the way of your own strength. The universe is endlessly creative, and everyone is at a unique point on their journey. I won’t judge you. I won’t try to force you into a specific point of view. My job is to hold a space, to be a vessel for information meant for you, and to interpret it as best I can.

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