Code of ethics

I abide by the following ethical code:

  1. To work in sacred alliance with the Spirits.

I cannot do my work alone; it is entirely through teaming with the divine and with her personal aspects that this work can be completed—through the help of spirit guides and helpers, angelic beings, and other beings of highest vibration.

  1. To recognize the wholeness inherent in each person, group or circumstance that comes for clarity or healing.

Most of what we are searching for in life can be summarized by an effort to restore wholeness; much of our trauma can likewise be attributed to a split or drain. Remembering who we are on a soul level and recognizing deeper aspects of ourselves and the situations around us can we can take steps to restoring that wholeness. For me, this also means recognizing and celebrating your own innate intuitive talents.

  1. To be mindful of speech, thought, and action and their impact on building relationships.

A strong working relationship with other human beings as well as the spirit world is the only way intuitive and energetic work can be accomplished. As speech affects others, and thought affects action, so one must be mindful of all of these, as all of these things will affect the world in some way.

  1. To be respectful of clients and colleagues, even in differences.

Unconditional respect offers space for good work to be done with clients, and for good relations with colleagues.

  1. To work with compassion and non-judgment.

Judgement here means not only “assessment”, but anything that diminishes respect for another person. ‘Compassion’, on the other hand, is the posture of someone in an understanding, aware, and sincere service.

  1. To set personal interests or concerns aside so that efforts are focused on the client’s wellbeing.


When I work, I try to leave behind anything other than the client’s questions and wellbeing, working from the place of compassion and detachment necessary to do good work. Before every reading, I ask to be made a vessel. The information that I receive and pass on comes not from me, but through me.

  1. To act with integrity in my personal and professional dealings.
  1. To strive to the best of my ability to do no harm.

A resolution to do my best to help facilitate healing and clarity, and if that is not possible, to at least not cause any harm. The strength of one’s intention is a key factor in the effort’s potential.

  1. To maintain clients’ right to privacy and confidentiality

I will never share your personal information with anyone, nor will I engage in misconduct that would abuse clients’ trust.

  1. To keep my own life and personhood in balance to the best of my ability, and seek assistance when I need it.

I encourage a others to have balanced lives; for the good of everyone, I must apply this to my own life as well.

  1. To consult with appropriate professionals and peers when I have questions about care, ethics or technique.

When I need additional support from colleagues, teachers, or professional associates with whom I can consult with confidentiality, I ask for it. Likewise, if an issue is beyond the scope of my abilities, or I feel that a client could be better served through a different area of expertise, I will make that clear.


PLEASE NOTE  that intuitive readings or sessions are “for entertainment” and personal development only and are never a substitute from advice from a licensed medical, legal, or mental health professional. 


My code of ethics is inspired by and adapted from Mikki Baloy’s Shamanic Code of Ethics  (in turn modified from Dr. Steve Serr’s article on