Oracle: true love is not a myth

True love is not a myth, nor a fool’s errand, nor a dream. It can be requited. Hold fast to the image of this love, let it pervade all you do. This will open up more doors than fixating on […]

Oracle: listening is the way

Listening is the way you will find more answers than you knew were possible today. And these days. Listen and store the knowledge away, but do not get stuck. There is a time for waiting and there is a time […]

Oracle: now you do

You have not known what was up. Now you know. What are you going to do about it? Focus on this,don’t lose yourself in the whys. There is an edge of clarity there, at the edge of everything. Keep it […]

October energies

 October is opening with lots of global unrest, as we’ve already seen. It’s important to stay close to the heart, and the meaning found within the heart. Watch the skies; listen to the earth and to the water. Stay attuned and […]

Oracle: creation is thus

Today it is vital that you do not stop for anything less than what is needed at this moment. Pursue it doggedly. You are not alone in this. Creation was always thus, remember.