February 2019 energy forecast

February opens with a heartrending burst. What you have seen and noted in the shadows will grow, and burst with dizzying speed in the month ahead. To avoid being confused or fragmented, keep tuning to the body. What is the breath saying? And the belly? And the heart? And the souls of the feet? Even when the messages are themselves conflicted, they form a whole that is worth considering.

At the end of the day, you know to whom and for what you are called forth. You know the name of the tasks and of the choices that have resonated in your mind for so long. This is a month of realizing, in the swirl of water, that none of us can do this alone. It is time to take stock and look for the bridges that are there, and strengthen the ones that nourish, and allow the ones that do not to be swept away.

Do not be afraid of the horizon line, the point of unknown symmetry ahead. It is coming, as it comes for us all, but it does so with sincerity, dignity, and love. It is up to us to be able to meet the challenge of growth with courage and honor of our own.

Honor meaning the ability to acknowledge our mistakes when they occur. To face shame, grief, and embarrassment, and all the emotions that may tug us under, as natural living human experiences, and to move with them and through them.

Power is gained from looking at what is there, at what we have to work with, at the path ahead, and calculating based on the current resources. And even if the path ahead is rocky and the resources scarce, there is a way if it is met with honor and simplicity. Even the simple act of acknowledging that one does not know is a way of strength, after everything has been considered.

Tune towards the light from within. It is everywhere layer upon layer, cell upon cell. And it burns through and beckons to the next step in growth on the soul’s chosen path. Be at peace: there are gifts of unexpected grace this month, moments to respire. It will be easier than expected in many ways, before March’s brilliant blaze of newness and decisions. Take the respite for what it is, and breathe.