February energy forecast

bittersweet photo

This February will teach us about bitterness, and about sweetness. A well-informed palate allows us to perceive with greater subtlety, and appreciate intricate tastes. A well-informed and well-calibrated emotional spectrum allows us to do the same with life, and with the nonphysical nourishment we receive. Notice where we brush past, where we discount information, and where we receive it. Where we shut down because a compliment or positive piece of information is too much for our negatively-calibrated minds to handle, and where we lap it up and allow it to warm us.

We are talking, of course, not only of things people say, but what they do for us. The actions taken on our behalf, even unbeknownst to us. The care and thought that is given to helping us.

The balance is within us; it is ours to manage. The difference between receiving help or positive impulses, and violently throwing it back is vast, yet can feel a hair’s breadth away.

It can be an act of violence, to throw up a wall against true blessing.

And yet there is a world of difference, too, between a blessing or an act of help honestly given, and one calculated to create debt. Find this line. Make sure it is drawn clearly, so that there is not a speck of doubt when you are approached. Learn to say a firm “no” and draw it around you, when the expectation would burden you.

Make it a practice to offer honest blessing to others, and you will recognize it when it comes to you without warning.

For welcoming true help is one of the greatest acts of power.


Photo by Muffet