Invoking your Spirit Team

trees overhead photo

As you go on your journey through life, you are never, ever alone.

There are spirits and guardians helping you at every turn. Before you incarnated, you made a contract with them to help you navigate the twists and turns of life, for the highest good of all.

Often they are souls who are between lives themselves. Or sometimes they have been through enough lives that they instead wish to help others navigate the challenges and joys of earthly life.

These spirits can be huge sources of support and guidance. They’re not gods—they aren’t omniscient, and they’re not for praying to. They’re not genies or magic fairy godmothers either.

Instead, these are beings whom YOUR soul has chosen as advisors, or agents. They help bring information to your notice, help arrange synchroncities. They have extra perspective and insight into the things you may be experiencing right now, lessons you may be learning, and can help you clarify the options before you. They have access to your Soul Record, so they know you as well as you know yourself (and sometimes better).

These are extremely important allies to become aware of and to ask for help when you start on a path aligned with your Soul Purpose. No incarnated being (beyond yourself) is better positioned to give you advice truly aligned with your soul, and for the highest good.

Where do they come from?


Before we incarnate, we make a contract with certain spirits, to help and guide us. These become our primary spirit guides, who are around us and helping us from birth to grave.

We also have guardians and other angelic beings, special emissaries, permanent and temporary animal guides, and other entities that you’ve entrusted with supporting your physical and spiritual welfare.  There can be others as well, of course. Often we may sense the presence of deceased loved ones who care for us so dearly.  Deceased loved ones as well as ancestor spirits can be helping us from the sidelines as well.

How do I know my Spirit Team is around me?

Depending on your dominant intuitive traits, you may sense the presence of members of your spirit team in the form of tingles in your body, warmth, a strong sense of love or safety, or you may see or hear them in your inner eye and inner ear. It may simply be a feeling of certainty. This depends on your dominant intuitive senses.

Why don’t I feel their presence?


So, these beings are around us constantly, surrounding us with love, and reminding us of our soul’s divine origins, should we choose to listen.

They’re always around us, but due to Free Will, we must call on them for help. So, if we want guidance, we have to ask. If we want a lesson illumined or to know …of a specific outcome, we must ask. Otherwise, they can try to contact us…they can dangle hints in front of our noses…but unless we actively invite their help, their hands are tied.

To do this, we must invoke their specific energetic codes, and ask them for help. We can feel it however our intuitive gifts are strongest—through inner sight, inner hearing, sensations, “just knowing”, or recognition of their individual energetic signatures.

The fun comes in here. Our guides have specifics in the way they present themselves to us. they are individuals, and uniquely suited to us. so in addition to their specific energetic code, we may be served to contact them using their names, or by summing up details of their appearance to mind.

So next time you are feeling lost, remember…you are never alone. Help and clarity is available to you from your Soul and the spirit team of your soul’s choice, at any moment.


Photo by Pai Shih