January 2018 Energies

sunrise photoJanuary opens with the promise of new things ahead, and a hovering circuitous reminder that we are all that we have created.

If we seek to make a clean break this new year, it may not be possible without first dredging up and processing old shadows. But shadows are where the work is; shadow transformation and learning to dig through the rubble we’ve discarded of ourselves is where hammer strikes metal. It is where we learn our true natures, what we are made of, and of the additional resources that can help us that we were previously unaware of.

Gentle ripples. Gentle tides. Do not seek to change everything in a heartbeat; there are still things from the old world that have value, that are needed, that need to be fully learned and appreciated before the new tight-wire-rope that leads to a new world can begin.

And it will begin.

We learn all that we are and all that we must become. Old aches and pains must receive their proper grieving time; they must be looked at fully in order to be healed. Then the healing starts and the fun can begin.

This month is full of issues of creation. Learning to focus our own sunlight; learning to shine in the midst of hardship; but it is not only this that we must concern ourselves with. There are hints, breadcrumbs, leading to our full destiny; it’s a time to engage with the universe and play the game of signs and symbols as part of our ladder leading forward.

Healing too can be fun, if we loosen our grip of the mind’s illusion of control and learn to look out and wonder at the world’s manifold creations.

This is where we find new creation within ourselves; this is where we learn how to process and move energies, and therefore make real transformation.