January 2019 energy forecast

You know where you stand with regards to you and Love.

It is not something to be overlooked or overshadowed by a hanging branch. It is not something to be overshadowed by a passing cloud. It is real and it is concrete and it runs deep as the earth, deep as the underground rivers of the earth, winding through.

This month marks a returning point. To the self. To all that you have held dear at the level of your soul, for so long. There are things to be upturned, rocks to be lifted. They will grow lighter as you do the work. The work is there for you and it is waiting with compassion and dignity for you to pick it up. If you are not ready, it will continue to wait until you are. Have no fear. This is a gentle turning, though it is a turning.

When all is said and done, the things of which you have composed yourself are valuable individually, though it may be hard to look at them apart from the whole. But you must do so. Without the whole they have no context, but as individual strands in a tapestry there is beauty there too, detail to be explored and worked on. You cannot know where you are going until you see the line ahead. The thin golden glow of the horizon. Returning to these details of the gifts you bear and the interests that lie on your heart and mind and soul will benefit you greatly for steering towards the exact precise line that you seek, that that are also sought by the heart and body and soul.

The edifices are crumbling. Many things that would have remained untouched are being swept away in the colossal wave that is to come. And yet, with this small painstaking, dignified, humble work, you will be ready. You are making yourself ready and you will be ready in time. Do not fear. If you start now, there is time enough to work with both patience and speed.

The small things you change will have great repercussions. So be sure when you are changing focus, steering a fraction of a hair off from straight ahead, that it feels right. The changes will be enormous as you work on a miniature scale. So do the detailed work to meet what lies ahead this year.