November 2017 energies

rosehip photo
Photo by ai3310X

November opens with a flood of emotion, friendly warm tidings, greetings.

Things that have been sheltered and nurtured quietly in the heart are coming to light; and other things, that have broken against the waves, turn up yearning to be made whole.

This is not a time to be afraid of your potential, but to embrace it.

In time, we see what all our striving, all our breaking-down-and-through, all our building-up and over, is worth, and the mettle deep down at our cores.

Still, it’s now possible to relax a bit after the chaotic and transformational waves of October. There will be more time for joy and celebrations now, more time for tenderness and courageous compassion.

The more you turn to the simple pleasures, the more focus on the small acts of kindness and love between friends or strangers, the more smoothly life will flow, and the more you will become aware of the currents of energy all around that shape the day.

Do not be afraid of getting outside yourself and asking others how they are, or of asking for help in small ways.

Light touches, little brushes, bring a dream into existence.

Photo by ai3310X