October energies

freefall photo

 October is opening with lots of global unrest, as we’ve already seen.

It’s important to stay close to the heart, and the meaning found within the heart. Watch the skies; listen to the earth and to the water. Stay attuned and intent for what will be.

Sometimes it will all feel like too much, even if we personally have the physical conditions we need to survive, and we need to rage or sob or yell or sing or get out into nature or retreat to our homes and not speak to anyone or be very verbal or just hug someone.  It’s important to do this in a way that harms no-one, but to do it all the same.

We all need to take care of each other right now, to maintain our boundaries and our the borders of our energetic lands, to keep ourselves clean and flowing, emotions processed moment by moment, because earth knows we are going to need each other, if we do not already

The networks of support that we have built up, let us reaffirm them; let us use them.

Those places which feel thin, let us focus on building a web to keep ourselves and others stable and sane with to give the lifeline if needed, to draw support from if needed.

Our hearts can be melted down and reformed with courage, love, compassion, and understanding that challenges us, and we will emerge all the stronger, if we only let this happen

Brittleness is fragile. Stiffness is easily broken; isolation without awareness can be a liability at times.

But where there is warmth, and a willingness to meet the Other with witnessing, and open ears and eyes and hearts, there is potential for life, growth, health and healing.

And that is what we need to remember right now, and to cultivate.