Heads up, everybody.

For nearly a year, I’ve been given a charge, that something big is happening in October. It has been building; I’ve been watching and listening. I’m continuing to watch and listen. I’ve been watching and listening and haven’t had any particular nudges to share this information, vague as it is, until now.

Tonight, I got a nudge to post this, so I am.

This is not something to be afraid of. This is something to be aware of.  There is a utility in this information. So please, take it in this way.

What am I talking about?

Something big. On a global level, on a personal level, on a level of our most private selves. I’m hesitant to say even that much because I do not wish to impose any current views on the situation, nor do I want those of us who are powerful in dreaming to contribute to creating something unlooked-for.

But I’m getting the nudge, so I need to put this out there.  Not necessarily a warning, just a thing to be aware of.

It means that those of us who are involved in:

Energy work 

The liminal 

And other similar things, however you call them: 

We need to be prepared. 

We need to be skillful in whatever we can do, and also skillful in knowing our limits. 

We need to be focused and clear of our own stuff so that we can competently deal with situations as they arise. 

We need to be communicating well with our allies and have chains of communication with each other, so that we can be in contact when the need arises. 

This is really, really important.

The work is there.

The work is needed.

The work is there.

You are needed. 

You are needed in optimum condition for work. 

So if you aren’t in condition for work — it’s time to get started.  It’s time to learn where we can step up and where we can step aside.

This is important. Keep it in the back of your awareness, so that when the moment comes, you’re ready.

For this, whatever this is, will take all of us. 

Thank you!