Oracle update

I found this in my personal archives from a few weeks/months ago and forgot to post it.

Here it is, in case it’s useful for anyone:

This next bit is going to be hard.

It’s all in how you flow, from day to day, away from the cares that you carried before, and learn to dig into the crust that is underneath. It’s about aligning, step by step, the intentions of the heart with the journeys of the mind. Soul is an overused word. Truth is not. Be truth .

You do not have to be always standing.

You do not have to be always there. Working and digging  in and thinking, it is enough. Take it out loud. Learn between what you must know. You’ve been here before and you will be again. In a different part of the story. This is now.

And yes and yes and yes there are wonderful things coming from this. Such things.  

And some of them are what you hope.