Do your past lives determine your tastes?

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Often, when we find out about our past lives, many things suddenly “click”.  Most of us have felt that inexplicable connection to a place, a person, a situation, that although we’ve never experienced it before, feels deeply familiar.

In my own life, I’ve been fascinated by certain types of music, certain places and periods. These can get really specific—medieval Occitania is one that never fails to pull my heartstrings, the Pacific Northwest another. And certain sounds, certain harmonies, certain scents or colours or patterns resonate with me in ways I can’t explain. It’s no surprise when I later find out I spent a past life in that environment. Such moments of recognition bring a frisson, a shiver of likeness, and a piece of useful information to tuck away.

How is this useful?

What does this mean for our lives now?


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Past lives can be fascinating, but we are here to live now. Sometimes we can benefit from learning about our past lives (or clearing blocks through past-life regression therapy), and sometimes it becomes a distraction, a way of abstracting past our current lives and situations. (I’ve heard that some regression therapists call this “past life sightseeing”…something I’ve been guilty of :) !)


Here are a few ideas how knowing about specific past lives can help us now.


  1. By acknowledging that we have a context for this sudden strong remembrance, we can make a more informed choice in this life.

When we feel a deep pull towards a specific place or object (or person) or time period, it can sometimes feel unbearable to be separated from it. By knowing that this interest is partly (I won’t say wholly) due to the fact that it literally was our home or loved one in a past life, it can help put things into context. Then when we are making choices to do with the situation/place/person, we can ask ourselves, “Do I feel this way because it’s from a past life experience, or because it’s right for me now?”

Try asking, and go with your first answer, the one you feel viscerally, in your gut. The answer might well be “Both”, and that’s perfectly fine. But there’s more power in a knowledgeable, informed choice.

  1. Knowing our past lives can help us to identify any blocks or wounds that are still affecting us.

Just as we can retain the good from a past life, so too can unprocessed trauma affect our current lives. Having this validated is a good first step towards healing.

To be clear, knowing alone is sometimes enough, but if you really feel there is some past-life issue holding you back, regression therapy may be the way to go. It all depends on what is working for you, and how much extra support you need. Honour this.

  1. Past life knowledge can help us to recognise our loved ones when we encounter them in different bodies…and make informed choices for this life.

Have you ever had that feeling when you see someone and instinctively, irresistibly, absolutely without question, know that you love them deeply? But maybe they don’t seem to recognise you in the same way (story of my life, haha…until then it wasn’t), or circumstances do not seem favourable? Or maybe it’s not love exactly, but a particular type of fascination and attachment to this person (it could go the other way, too, with feelings of dislike or repellence).

We don’t incarnate to avoid making fools of ourselves (unfortunately, I’ve never seen “avoiding embarrassment” in someone’s Soul Record as a reason for coming to Earth again), and knowing your past lives is certainly no guarantee of managing everything smoothly or of making the “right” choices.

But once again, knowing that you knew this person in a past life can be just the needed push—to talk to them, to bring them into your life—or to let them go, recognising that you two are on different paths this time around.

Are you noticing a pattern? I certainly am. Past life information seems most useful when it can inform and help put into context things which otherwise seem inexplicable in our current lives. Knowing about our past lives can help us make choices aligned to our soul’s true urges—not ones based on reactions or residue.

Knowledge is power, as they say, and informed choices can go a long way towards making sure that you are happy, healthy, and living your life to the full as it is now, and not as it was 300 years ago.

Happy explorations,


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