All I can say is “Wow!!” Thank you so much for this incredibly accurate and insightful reading. Everything you wrote about my situation and my energy/personality was 100% spot-on! This is one of the most clear and authentic feeling readings I have ever gotten. The messages from my guides absolutely resonated to my very core. Without a doubt, this reading was the best reading I’ve ever received., and I have had quite a few over the years. I see this as a gift because I resonated with the entire reading and it finally helped me understand the blockages in my life and career and what I can do to change them and work with my energies instead of against them. This is the information that I have been searching for, and now I can move forward with my life. Thank you so very much! I am incredibly grateful. You have helped me to be hopeful for good things in the future and reassured me that I am loved and on the right path.

Your truly are a very gifted intuitive, the world is very much in need of your loving, empowering insightful readings. Please continue with your work, it’s a gift to anyone who comes in contact with you.

 — Ria Orta

Isabella connected with my spirit guides about me working with my ancestors. The reading answered questions about my past lives, how it is connected to what I am doing now and the steps to take in moving forward. I am comforted by the messages. I’m happy with the reading.

Pamela O. Brown,

Intuitive Numerologist and Psychic Medium

I cannot recommend Isabella highly enough. Anyone considering having a Soul Purpose Reading with her  will not be disappointed.

— Marcia Cyprus, Animal Communicator

 Thank you so, so much for my soul purpose reading; it’s incredibly insightful and full of such needed guidance.

— Megan, South Africa

This is an excellent reading… I will always be truly grateful for your time and incredible insight. This really has reinforced my faith in myself, God and the angelic realms.

—Lesley, UK

Isabella is an insightful and wise guide, opening one’s inner-spirit doors to healing and understanding, and giving a great sense of relief along the way. I feel so much better and patient with my self and with life after her reading.  Highly recommended—a gift to yourself.

—Elizabeth, USA