Questions for dreamwork

bubble photoDreams contain a wealth of material for insight, inspiration, integration, and healing.  And like nearly all work with the liminal, the questions we ask are one of the biggest factors in the precision and depth of the answers we receive. Here is a set of questions I was recently given for dreamwork and reflection. Take and use as you wish!

  • to what does this dream apply?
  • does this dream (or do aspects of this dream) represent a concrete situation in my life?
  • what time does this dream represent / when is this dream?
  • are there aspects of me in the other dream characters, or in the main character?
  • what insights do I gain when I view myself as one of the supporting dream characters or antagonists?
  • what insights do I gain when I view myself as the main dream character?
  • can I take information about myself from this dream? Or about a concrete situation?
  • what type of dream is this?  (processing, divinatory, integrating, healing, exploratory, creative, responsive, etc)
  • how can I use this dream in my life?
  • what is the conclusion of this dream?
  • are there any other possible endings or conclusions? is there any room for change here?
  • what does this dream tell me about the other characters?
  • do the characters represent my impression of concrete people in my life?
  • do they represent any aspects of myself?
  • how do I interact with these characters? Does this reflect on a broader pattern in my life?
  • If I could control the outcome of this dream, what would I do / what would happen?

Any other favourite dreamworking questions? Let me know in the comments!