Ria Orta

All I can say is “Wow!!” Thank you so much for this incredibly accurate and insightful reading. Everything you wrote about my situation and my energy/personality was 100% spot-on! This is one of the most clear and authentic feeling readings I have ever gotten. The messages from my guides absolutely resonated to my very core. Without a doubt, this reading was the best reading I’ve ever received, and I have had quite a few over the years. 

 I see this as a gift because I resonated with the entire reading and it finally helped me understand the blockages in my life and career and what I can do to change them and work with my energies instead of against them. This is the information that I have been searching for, and now I can move forward with my life. Thank you so very much!

Your truly are a very gifted intuitive, the world is very much in need of your loving, empowering insightful readings. Please continue with your work, it’s a gift to anyone who comes in contact with you.