The blessing path

sun mist photoIn my sacred arts practice, one of the things I’ve been working with quite a lot over the past few years, as I continue my apprenticeship with the ancestors, is the practice of blessing as a way of connecting with and reaffirming our particular thread in the great unknowable tapestry that is life.  When we give blessings, of gratitude or unfolding well-wishing, we are actively doing our part. Continuing the pattern in the web of creation.

I’ve been quietly doing this for some time, and seeking out particular blessings, ones that have the power of years behind them, to use.

But it didn’t occur to me until recently that I hadn’t really been saying this enough. I tend to muddle around, working in the dark; nothing’s clear until the pieces have been connected — and at that point, I’ve moved on to something new. I learn, I incorporate, I live something — and I forget to communicate it in the map of the Work.

The point is this: everyone has the power of blessing. I encounter many people who are terrified of being cursed or of cursing others as they go through life — in awareness of the magnified effects that fear and self-loathing can have outwards upon others if we don’t take care to temper it, to achieve emotional maturity by doing our shadow work and truly sitting with our desires and fears and angsts and digging down what is at the root of them, what we can use, and what we can transform… but that is a post for another day.

Regardless of where we are on that track, there is always something we can do right here where we stand to smooth the way for others; to reconnect with the mystery of everything; to position ourselves again not where we think we should be or where we think we should not be, but where we are, part of that manifold system: we can bless.

A blessing doesn’t require a special licence or spiritual i’m-special sticker. It doesn’t require fancy words or rituals — although as stated above, words and patterns that have the strength of repetition behind them can have an increased resonance, which is why I’m collecting them.  It doesn’t need to be saccharine or new-agey or occult. It needs to be heart-felt. That is all.

It needs an intent, of well-wishing.

A few words, spoken with the voice or mind.

A moment of fixing one’s intention.

A letting-go, a release once the intention has been set.

That is all.

spiderweb photo

It is ridiculously simple; no wonder we so often overlook the practice.  And yet it is one of the most effective ways of tuning in and tuning towards creation.

And it is for all of us.

If we are having difficulty with something, trying to push through to a breakthrough, it helps reset us to a place of quiet, of space, of mystery, from which creation can occur.

If we are feeling downcast or self-critical, it stops us in our tracks with negative or even toxic mind-paths and allows us to just be, for a moment, as we are, without judgment, shame or retribution. In fact, it requires that we  move beyond shame.

It reminds us that we are not alone; and it helps shape our path forwards.

As we bless, so we are.

As we love, so we dream.

As we dream, so we move.


In gratitude,