The importance of intention

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In any psychic or energetic work, intention is incredibly important. There’s no substitute for experiencing that sword-sharp clarity that happens when we ask clearly and make ourselves open to receiving. When we go into the Akashic Records, contact Spirit Guides, or choose oracle cards, what we receive is based on the intention of the reader and of the facilitator (i.e. psychic, intuitive, or healer).

Obviously, it is therefore extremely important to make sure our chosen facilitator is ethical, which means making sure that s/he works with the intention of being a vessel for the client’s highest good, among other things.

But what about the client’s part in this? That’s also extremely important.

Because the information that turns up will respond to the intent of the client. So if your intention is to receive deep healing, then items might turn up to be cleared in the session, or the information that comes through will help you with your healing process.

If your intention is to know your soul purpose, then what comes up may be information, knowledge, and the sensations of knowing yourself at the soul level, rather than evidence of energetic blocks or issues to be cleared.

If your intention is curiosity, if you’re simply “interested” in getting an intuitive reading “to see what comes up”…here’s where it can get tricky.

Let me first say: there is absolutely nothing wrong with being motivated by curiosity. Actually, curiosity is an incredibly powerful energetic state; it allows latent things to bloom without attachment; it allows opportunities to arise and us to be our best and to respond with our best skills (in performance, with regard to decisions we’ve made, when dealing with other people, etc). And so, curiosity is a rich, helpful energy to bring to an intuitive reading.

However, if your intention is simply to know some psychic things about yourself, because it might be cool…

Do you see how that doesn’t leave much room for powerful transformations? If what we put into the reading, energetically, through our intention, is what we get out of it, bringing a blase intention will often result in interesting information, that doesn’t necessarily change our lives. Because we weren’t clear on what, exactly, we want to change.

Now, I’m not saying that bringing an intention of solely curiosity means the reading is doomed to fail. Very often there are underlying issues that we perceive, subconsciously, and that bring us to seek guidance and healing even if we aren’t aware of them. And in these cases, when we do choose to get guidance, our Record guides and personal Spirit Guides shout it to us, loud and clear.

But if we are firmly in the intention of just finding out several interesting things about ourselves or our past lives…usually that’s all we’re going to get. And while the information might help us for a while, on a deeper level, it doesn’t touch us. Because we aren’t open to it yet.

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You see, we each have complete free will during our time on Earth. And while we have powerful, loving Spirit Teams around us, just waiting to jump in and help, they cannot actively work with us until we request them to. We cannot get help unless we ask for it.

And so, we come back to intuitive readings and intention.

Before you book a reading—with me, with anyone else—or dive into a new spiritual activity, your results will be so much more fruitful if you first get clear on the following:

  • what do I want from this experience?

  • what change do I desire that this can help me with?

  • Why am I drawn to this particular practitioner / practice / experience?

  • How do I want to feel after I complete this experience?

Openness is essential; when we clamp down on what we want, often as not, we push it away. That’s why curiosity is a valuable part of what we bring to a reading or healing session.

But by having a clear idea of the emotional and energetic changes you desire, as well as any concrete life changes, you open the way for more specific, grounded wisdom to come through.

Intention + curiosity

+ (a good reputable, ethical practitioner + suitable tools and techniques) = a fruitful session

 This doesn’t just go for psychic readings, of course. Getting clear on our intentions throughout our daily lives and everyday choices is a powerful tool and a huge part of the journey that is choosing to live consciously.

But, that’s a topic for another post.

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