Oracle: time is past for pretending

The time is past for pretending. Be as you choose, and hold fast to that, take your own oar. There is nothing here that cannot be ameliorated by understanding and recuperation. .

Oracle: a singular phrase

Abrupt motion; starry nights. This is a time for healing and for recovery. Understand what is meant when you say, “I love you.” It is a singular phrase, specific in its individual meaning.

Oracle: lovelost

Lovelost; lost in love. Learn to look up and through the surroundings for a greater spectrum of color and healing. There is grace in what you choose for yourself, and for no-one else. Photo by xbobmx

Oracle: what must no longer be tolerated

How many years is it going to take before learning to recognize what must no longer be tolerated? Let absence of thought be both consolation and remembrance. There is dignity even in solitude; there is grace in respectful sorrow.